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vDesk Virtual Desktops
vDesk is a program that allows you to manage upto 10 virtual desktops on your machine.  This is version 1.0 Beta, it has not got all the features of some of the commercial products but it is a product still in the early development stages.  There are bound to be bugs in it that I have overlooked but these will be ironed out as the program develops.  Now I have had this running on a P166 with 256Mb of ram and had no problems running 10 desktops with multiple processes, I have also had it running on a P4 with 1Gig of ram and had some errors so I am looking for feedback.
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Avi Recompressor lets you convert the codec of an avi file, you may wish to do this if you want to compress your video files smaller for uploading/downloading from the internet.  Avi Recompressor can also convert files to the .avi format.

PLEASE NOTE: This program does not convert to .mpeg format only avi.
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Image Uploader version 1.0
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